Friday, September 16, 2005

Worst part of vacation is coming home

I find that everytime I take a trip, I am never ready to return to that place I call home. I am starting to wonder if it is because I have not yet settled in a place that I really want to be. I recently ventured to the Mediterranean - my absolute favorite place on earth - and realized how emotional and social people are there. Walking down the street, everyone is looking at the people around them, searching eyes for emotion, indication, information... it is fascinating and fabulous at the same time. As soon as I set foot on American soil, everyone around me was hustling and bustling to that next destination - head down, no eye contact - cold. I have never felt such a disappointment as in that moment. I know that I had become like that but this summer and this vacation re-opened my eyes and my awareness that I want to expose my mediterranean roots and I need the warmth and openess of people to surround me.

Need to ponder some more... check back later