Friday, September 16, 2005

Worst part of vacation is coming home

I find that everytime I take a trip, I am never ready to return to that place I call home. I am starting to wonder if it is because I have not yet settled in a place that I really want to be. I recently ventured to the Mediterranean - my absolute favorite place on earth - and realized how emotional and social people are there. Walking down the street, everyone is looking at the people around them, searching eyes for emotion, indication, information... it is fascinating and fabulous at the same time. As soon as I set foot on American soil, everyone around me was hustling and bustling to that next destination - head down, no eye contact - cold. I have never felt such a disappointment as in that moment. I know that I had become like that but this summer and this vacation re-opened my eyes and my awareness that I want to expose my mediterranean roots and I need the warmth and openess of people to surround me.

Need to ponder some more... check back later

Sunday, July 03, 2005

So easy for some, so difficult for others

I went to a Fourth of July weekend BBQ (surprise surprise) and had excellent burgers and chicken. You gotto love going to a place where people take pride in making things from scratch. Anyway, it was at the house of my old college roommate. Such a cute place and there were a lot of people that I had not seen probably since college 11 or so years ago. Great to see people but depressing to realize that I was the only one that came with another single friend. Everyone else is married.

Ok, ok, I know that this is not so uncommon among people in their 30s, but what I would love to understand is why is this so easy for some people and so difficult for others? I think that not only I, but also all my other single girlfriends are awesome catches! Are we too smart? Too put together? Too determined? Or is it the pressure of society making me think that I am late to the game? Personally, I feel like the last question is the most honest. I do want to share my life with someone and have a family, but it is only recently that I feel that it is time to look for it. I have lived so much of my life in ways that people only dream of. I would not give any of that up. So back off society and men --- there are still some great women out there, but they might not be available if you don't act fast!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

they all love me...

It has become a global epidemic. How many of you girls have come across men that you have dated but have come to realize that it is not the relationship that is important but the number of women they can capture the interest of. They want quantity not quality. I should write a book about this and call it the "They ALL Love My Syndrome." Actually, that title is a bit boring, maybe you can help me come up with a better name.

And you would think online or offline dating services would help this problem... in actuality I think it makes it worse. Now men do not have to go to a bar and compete in the flesh to grab the attention of a woman. They can share winks with millions of women every minute! And since women are so sick and tired of the same ol' pickup line, they are flocking to web to find their prince charming. The more the merrier... well I say the more the less appealing. Oh - and if you men are using or E-harmony, or any other service, please choose your winks wisely. Do you realize how many women have multiple yet opposite profiles and you wink at all of them? It then becomes even MORE obvious to us that you are not interested in looking for someone but for everyone.

In summary, women do not care nor want to hear about all the women you have dated in the past! The more that you have does not make you more appealing! And, to top it off, if you do not focus on what is in front of you now, she (and I included) will not be there in the future. Hell, we won't be there 5 minutes from now!

Monday, June 20, 2005

the beginning or the end...

As I join the era of bloggers I wonder if this is a beginning or an end...

I know it is a beginning to becoming yet more integrated into the big WWW, however, it could be an end to that extra 15-30 minutes I yearn for. Oh well, as I learned this past weekend at a search engine seminar (STOMP the Search Engines), this skill will only further enhance my ability to become a overly successful Internet Marketer. YIPPEE!

So, some interesting things I learned this weekend that do not relate to search engines (isn't that information for another blog???)...

ATL is not only the airport code for Atlanta, but it is how ALL Hotlantians refer to the place they are from! The first time I came across this was in Miami when 2 dorkish type dudes approached 2 of my A-list girlfriends. As we are in our 30s... we do not judge quickly. But, when reference was made that they were from the "ATL"... it was the end of their chances! And how should we respond? We are from the DCA, sometimes IAD, preferably not the BWI in the MIA??? Yea, I knew you would agree with the ridiculousness of it :). But, sad to say, my sister, who has lived in the ATL for the last couple years confirmed that it was a common association and everyone refers to themselves as being from ATL. I am at a loss of words.